Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with all these lettuces, greens and herbs?

Second City Greens will soon begin publishing a newsletter and recipes on our website However, lettuces and leafy greens can be used with salads - be sure to wash in cold water. Our herbs can be used in recipes as flavoring agents. More to come from us on this.

Do you deliver?

No, but we do have convenient pick-up locations in downtown Lockport, IL. For instance, we will be offering pickup at The Vegan Cafe on Thursday afternoons. When visiting them, if that is your selected pickup location, please consider looking at their menu - they offer wholesome, delicious, healthy and organically certified vegan food! Many other locations will be added as we grow our subscriber base.

Can I sign up for a share every other week?

Unfortunately, currently, we are offering 13-week subscriptions only. As we get more familiar with our customers' needs and requirements, we might consider alternate options.

What days/time can I pick up my share at the farm?

We will have several convenient pickup options - in and around Lockport; when you set up your profile, you will be asked to choose a location based on your convenience. We will not be offering pickup directly from the farm as it is a highly controlled environment.

What if I am allergic or don't like a specific greens in my CSA share?

We will try our best to accommodate you; however, currently we are offering two versions of our share and expect to offer a variety of lettuces, greens and herbs in a "standard" format.

Can I place a hold on my CSA subscription while I am out of town or unable to get to the pickup location?

We are getting our CSA up and running and want to be a viable entity. To that end, if you are unable to pick up, please consider donating your weekly basket to a local shelter. That option will be provided. Under extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us via and we will try our best to accommodate you.

What does it cost to join the CSA and how long is the commitment? How do I pay for it?

We will be offering 13-week (quarterly) renewing subscriptions. Pricing varies based on the product you are considering. We are planning to launch our CSA pricing at $12/week for the smaller share and $20/week for the full share (prices may be subject to change based on external market factors). You can pay for your subscription online via credit cards.

Do you accept Paypal, EBT, SNAP, checks or cash?
Unfortunately, currently our only payment methods will be those accepted through our website.

When will my subscription begin after I sign up?
Your subscription to our CSA (depending on what you choose) will begin either the week after you sign up (if you sign up before Saturday) or a full week later (if you sign up after Saturday).

If I have any questions, concerns or suggestions, who should I contact?
Please reach out to