Holds/Schedule Changes: Members are requested to donate produce if they are unable to pick up or are out of town. Produce will be donated to a local food pantry.

Acts of Mother Nature/Mechanical Failure - Please know that our delivery and selection is subject to acts of Mother Nature/Mechanical Failure and can change at any time. We make every effort to provide timely information on cancellation, rescheduling, substitutes etc should this arise. Please note that farming is unpredictable, and items may suddenly become unavailable week to week. We ask for flexibility.

Missed/Fogotten Boxes: Whoops! You forgot what day it was and did not come pick up your share. If you are a no-call/no-show, then your box will be donated to a needy family. If there are extenuating circumstances (an accident, a fire, a family emergency) please email us and we will help you on a case-by-case basis.

Referral Rewards Policy: We are working on a referral rewards program - more to come on this soon!

Cancellation/Refund Policy: You commit and contract with us to join the shares for the season, or for the number of weeks specified upon subscription sign up. This helps us plan our crops, invest in our programs, and ensure that we are ready to fulfill our commitments to you and all other members. As a result, we do not offer cancellations, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please consider either donating some of your share or having another family member or friend take it over. We can work with you on that. YOU WILL ALWAYS be able to cancel the renewal of your Second City Greens share subscription.

Privacy Policy: If you are a registered user of Second City Greens,  we treat your information with utmost care and privacy. We will never sell your information or share it with another third party (other than information required for payment processing) - and are working closely with our hosting providers GoDaddy and CSAWare to ensure we have the best of security (for payments etc.) website and have supplied your email address. On occasion, we might send you updates (other than operational aspects of your membership) related to our new products, newsletters, recipes etc.